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Icon packs are the most popular and noticeable when it come to customization. Most third party launchers supports them and they provide a cool and unique way to customize your phone. There are literally thousands of icon packs to choose from. They also have paid and free ones but its hard to choose which icon pack to choose, so here are few free best icon packs to try it out.

There are more icon packs than these, if you think I missed your favorite Icon packs don’t forget to comment.

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With these top icon packs I also want to include Compacticons which is made by tatos from deviantart. This one is not available in the play store but its one of the best free icon pack with lot of icons. Over 2800+ icons in HD and it’s also available as png images and icon pack. Checkout the the icon pack here. You can also download the icon pack from the link down below.

Lines Free – Icon Pack

Lines icons are outlines shapes of the most popular apps with simplistic design. The center of the outline is transparent, letting you show off the wallpaper beneath the icons.It had more then 2400 icons and the app also comes with some HD wallpapers. New icons are added constantly and supports most Android launchers. There is also a full version of this icon pack which has more apps, but free version is still enough to make your phone look good.

Whicons – White Icon Pack

As the name suggests, whicons is a simple icon pack with white colored icons. Gives a clean look to your phone and it has more then 6000 icons which is way more than Lines icon pack. Like most, it supports most of the Android launchers. If you want a free, simple, good icons you can checkout this icon pack.

A Flatcon Icon pack

A Flatcon Icon pack comes with different colors of icon packs. They are the quintessential flat icon family for Android devices. With multiple color palettes available you are sure to find one, or a combo, to match your style. This icon pack has more then 2000 icons. In simple words, Round icon packs with availability of different colors.

Kecil icons

Kecil icons is a re-released version of Kecil Icon pack. The icons are simple with eye-pleasing colors and also looks unique. They have less icons when compared top icon packs but this icons are minimal and clean looking. Currently it has more then 900 icons and more icons are coming soon.

Appstract Icon Pack

Unlike conventional icon packs, Appstract Icons is a radial abstaction of the original icons. Hand drawn vector icons with abstract aesthetic. It is also included with some minimal backgrounds which suits the icon pack. The icon pack is updated with new icons every 3 months, it also has few icons than other icon packs but it worth trying out.

Phosphor Icon Pack

Phosphor Icon Pack is a line or outline based designed icon pack. Currently they have four icon pack with four different colors with cool names like Phosphor Cadmium, Phosphor Krypton, Phosphor Carbon. Only the Cadmium and Krypton is free. The icons are clear, balanced and minimal. It has more then 800 icons and has frequent updates.

Monoic Icon Pack

Monoic Icon Pack contains over 4000 monotone, hand-made and very high-resolution icons that are designed to change the classic icons and let your device look stunning. This icons will make your device more exciting because it is filled with some creative icons and new icons are added regularly.

Zwart – Black Icon Pack

Zwart is a simple icon pack with black icons. They are similar to Whicons Icon Pack but in black color. The icon pack has more than 5500 icons. The black icons perfectly suits all the light colored wallpapers and even with some dark wallpapers. Zwart icons gives you simple and clean look.

Minma Icon Pack

Stunning Dark, Round icon pack with a clean flat design to make your home screen look cool. Simple Android Pie based round icons with colorful minimal strokes. The icon pack is new and had limited icons when compared to other icon packs, but the pack is updated regularly.

Flight Icon Pack

Flight is a simple & clean flat, white, icon pack which blends well with most wallpapers. Nothing flashy here, just good looking clean icons. This is an best alternative to Whicons Icon Pack. The pack comes with more then 2100 icons and 4200+ icons in the pro-version.

There are still lot of Icon Packs to cover, if you think I missed any other Icon Packs or your favorite Icon Pack, comment them below!

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