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Why keep your Android Home screen boring, when you can customize them and make it look awesome! Checkout this setup and other setups to totally change the way of look on your Android Home screen.

I’ve been featuring a lot of Home screen setups for the past Two years, This setup is marked as #79 because it’s the seventy-ninth home screen setup posted in this website. The old setups are in my old Blog, you can check them here.

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This setup is done & sent by the Instagram user ~ drunken.jew, Thanks for sharing the setup!

He is rocking with the Poco Launcher, which is one of the best launcher and better alternative for Nova or Lawnchair. The wallpaper is actually from the wallpaper app ‘Walli’, its called as “Sunset Sumurai”. The icons are from a free icon pack known as Viral Icon Pack. The widgets is from Odisea KWGT and he customized it a bit to his likes, the customized widget link is also down there if you wanna check out.

You can also do this with other launchers.

Note: KWGT widget packs like these requires KWGT pro.


Launcher: Poco Launcher

Widgets: Odisea KWGT (Click here for customized one) (needs KWGT & KWGT pro)

Icon Pack: Viral Icon Pack

Wallpaper: Walli wallpapers [Sunset Samurai]

Showcase your Home screen

You can also send your home screen setups and I’ll showcase them on my Instagram page as well in the website.

Home screen Submission Rules:

  • Screenshots of the home screen / homepage.
  • Wallpaper / Wallpaper link / Wallpaper app.
  • Launcher used with launcher Backup (if possible).
  • Widget + Icon packs used ( please mention the widget name or number or if customized)
  • (Please include the custom / self-made widgets).
  • Instagram or Twitter ID (for credits).

Attach the above files & Send them to

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