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For the last few months online courses and remote learning have become quite the order of the day. Tech giant Google also offers a lot of online certificate courses and programs and the company took to Twitter to reveal its most popular certificate program. The course, as per Google, doesn’t require any college degree and helps ” learners land jobs in high-paying field of IT support”

On its Grow with Google web page, Google gives more details on how the certificate course helps and what is needed. The course has been developed entirely by Google and it takes about six months to complete. The course is hosted on Coursera and no previous experience is required to start the course. Google also offers grants and scholarships to select candidates as well.

“Earning the certificate is an important first step, and you’ll also be supported in the next step – the job search. Once you complete the program, you can opt in to share your information directly with top employers hiring for jobs in these fields,” notes Google on the course web page.

Currently, the active certificate course is for an IT Support Specialist. The course has a 7-day free trial and is 100% online with no in-person requirements. This certificate course is for an entry-level role in IT support. The cost of the course is $49 per month and it takes about 3-6 months for learners to complete the course.

Google also said that new courses are coming soon, which will be for project managers, data analysts as UX designers.

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